2 adult cats (SENECA FALLS)

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I've recently been diagnosed with heart problems, on top of many other health issues. My 2 boys are not getting what they need as I'm almost always in the hospital. They need to stay together if possible, as Harley is skittish with new things and people. Been like that since he was 6wks old and he turns 6 November 23rd! Once he does he's a lover, loves having conversations 😄 like he'll make a noise, I say really, are you sure and he'll just keep talking. Lol. Charlie just turned 3 March 15th. He's the tiger cat, Harley is a creamy color. Pics included. They come with carriers, food..can, not to picky just prefer things besides pate. Harley's dry food favorite is Purina cat Chow indoor formula but Charlie prefers Friskies seafood sensation in bag. You can have what I have. There's some toys they're just not to into them. Charlie loves plastic cable ties, Harley is mice, balls sometimes, laser lights we just don't have one right now. They love toys on sticks. Empty boxes and hiding in carriers too. Harley fights when you put him though, lol. They have dishes and feeders, my friend bought them, there not that great so maybe something new? Treats are good. Not a lot of chicken, they prefer cheeses, catnip, mix ups. Not big on beef either. I would like to talk and meet so I can assure they're going to a good family. Not tested with dogs, cats are ok after a little time.Must introduce SLOWLY. Small room for a few days just slowly. You will scar Harley if you force him, he'll come around in time. Make sure his stuff is separated from other animals, except Charlie. Now I'd like to know what vet you'll be using? They are fixed and it's except need current rabies, vet is Phelps veterinary hospital in Phelps. Text with any questions , I will NOT answer rude remarks! I don't want to do this TRUST ME! But I black out and they do without food and water bc I don't have people who check on me so they want me in a facility so I must take care of them first. They both are lovable. Charlie likes to cuddle in your lap when your in bathroom, lol. Loves being held and kisses always welcome. Ok I'll stop. Lmao. Plz ask questions bc I wanna know you b4 I just give them up.
I don't own a car so you have to pick up, sorry.

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